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Back pains could be manifested in a variety of forms. Some low back pain conditions are not even clearly attributed to an underlying medical condition, thus labeled as non-specific. If the pains and discomforts in your back are already significantly affecting your day-to-day routines, one possibility you should look into is the trapped nerve pain condition.

Osteopathy, physiotherapy, or acupuncture may relieve the condition. Rest the back well by lying flat on a fairly hard mattress with a firm pad 2–3 in (5–7 cm) thick beneath the head. Try placing a hot-water bottle on the affected area. Learn how to lift and carry heavy objects correctly. Swimming may be beneficial.

A number of studies have suggested that constantly sitting at work is bad for you. So could workplaces be rejigged around standing up, asks would-be stander Chris Bowlby.

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